Apple September 12 event wrap-up: new iPhones, Apple Watch, and more

Apple September 12 event wrap-up: new iPhones, Apple Watch, and more

The iPhone Xr doesn't have the same high-end screen that is used on the iPhone XS, but comes with a similarly powerful processor and a 12MP camera.

Apple's new iPhone XS Max, the largest iPhone to date and one of the biggest in the market, has a 6.5-inch (16.5-cm) display.

Screen size. Like the iPhone X before it, the Xs Max uses an organic liquid crystal display, which are renowned for richer colors, while putting less stress on the battery.

The flying elephant of the new lot is the iPhone Xs Max, which sounds like it could be a new flavor of Mountain Dew, or perhaps an extreme sport.

The device is powered by A12 Bionic SoC which has a hexa-core CPU, quad-core GPU, and a neural engine, and will deliver 15% faster application processing than last year's A11 chip.

iPhone XR price: How much does the iPhone XR cost? From our experience, the iPhone 8 Plus can last longer than the iPhone X on a single charge, so the iPhone XR could be the best model for battery life.

The iPhone XR is the cheapest of the three, thanks to its removal of more than a few desired features. With the XR, which was until recently rumoured to be the XC, the physical home button on iPhones has now officially been consigned to history.

The display stretches edge-to-edge and is protected by the most durable front glass ever found in a smartphone. The iPhone 8 Plus has a 5.5-inch screen and it's bigger and wider.

Last year's notch also returns, and remains loaded with all the tech needed for Face ID facial recognition, which is a pretty slick and seamless system at this point.

Storage isn't as generous as that offered on the more expensive devices, with just 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB options. Instead of using stainless steel like the iPhone X and XS, the XR uses 7000 series aluminium for its metal frame. Pre-orders will start on October 19th and the phone will hit store shelves on October 26.

Apple's 12-inch MacBook laptop starts at $1,299.

They are available in gold, silver and space grey. Pricing starts at $599 for the GPS version and $749 for the GPS + LTE model.

The latest version of the Apple Watch will add features that allow it to take high-quality heart readings and detect falls. The edges are noticeably rounder, though it still retains the square look. It's "Digital Crown" scroll wheel now has haptic feedback by default when navigating through menus, and its speakers now produce 50% more volume than the Watch 3.

'These phones really look wonderful, but "iPhone XS Max" is the worst product name Apple has come up with in this century, ' Twitter user @gilbert said.

But it's still too early to assess the impact of the most significant addition to the new devices - eSIM technology. Once that's done, you'll bring it over to US Mobile to get the discount (all the instructions are available at the link above).