Cavs, Heat Both Deep In Jimmy Butler Trade Talks

Cavs, Heat Both Deep In Jimmy Butler Trade Talks

Thibodeau said that if Butler is not traded in the coming days, and is set to return from his rehab, he will practice with the Wolves.

Butler was excused from taking part in media day, but Thibodeau said the All-Star had undergone a physical exam and would not be on the court for the first week of camp because he was continuing to rehab.

Butler, a four-time All-Star, was given the OK by the team not to participate in media day.

The Jimmy Butler sweepstakes are heating up, with or without Tom Thibodeau on board.

The list of organizations interested in talking further with Minnesota about a trade include the Nets, Clippers, Detroit Pistons, Houston Rockets, Miami Heat, Philadelphia 76ers, Portland Trail Blazers and Sacramento Kings, league sources told Wojnarowski.

While the Heat might not have the type of elite player typically sought in such moves, they do have several salaries they could put into play for Butler, who will earn $20.4 million this season, with the right to become a free agent in July.

Cleveland has the interest, but just not the potential to sweeten the pot for Minnesota, given the total of 12 teams that have inquired about Butler. I would say no, but I do applaud the team for even making a call.

Despite the presence of Wolves point guards Jeff Teague (who the Cavs could also ask for in a trade) and Derrick Rose, Sexton would likely be the main piece in a trade for Butler.

With the Spurs and Lakers makng the biggest splashes this offseason with getting DeMar DeRozan and LeBron James, they should be the most realistic teams to acquire Butler out of the five in this post that will actually re-sign him next offseason.

Overall, those trade ideas didn't necessarily make anyone excited for a deal to happen anytime soon. "That was made clear".