First look at exclusive BlizzCon 2018 Overwatch skin streamed today

First look at exclusive BlizzCon 2018 Overwatch skin streamed today

While esports streams and the opening ceremony are free to everyone, virtual ticket holders get access to additional coverage of the event, as well as the chance to build a panel for the show via voting and access to the Blizzcon 2017 archives.

BlizzCon 2018 is nearly here and to make the celebration even more accessible, Blizzard offers a Virtual Ticket for any not able to make it all the way out to California. The Demon Hunter Sombra skin is the upcoming legendary BlizzCon skin players will receive at BlizzCon this year.

If you purchase the Virtual Ticket now, you can start using the new skin right away! Meanwhile, as always, the ticket gives you all-access streaming to the main event as well as the BlizzCon All-Access channel, which broadcasts across the convention's two days.

With Blizzard having always been a titan of the gaming industry, the BlizzCon is one of the biggest conventions in the calendar.

While playing on the new control map Busan, which went live for all Overwatch servers Tuesday, a Redditor discovered the Demon Hunter Sombra skin as an equippable skin in the hero select screen.

You'll also get loads of commemorative in-game items starting with a legendary skin for Overwatch's Sombra based on the Demon Hunter class from Diablo III. There's still a chance to get this unbelievable new skin, but you're going to have to wait awhile. At the bottom of that BlizzCon post, there's some small print that says "the in-game items for Overwatch, StarCraft II, and StarCraft: Remastered will also be available separately in 2019".