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Rat causes Chinese restaurant chain to lose £145 million in value

Rat causes Chinese restaurant chain to lose £145 million in value

Mr Ma, her husband, said he informed the restaurant staff to the situation and was offered cash for abortion if they were anxious about the health of the baby. Its discovery received particular attention online because of the way that the restaurant's staff chose to deal with the situation. The patrons, Mr. Ma and his family, were having dinner at the hotpot chain in Shandong province. The staff at the restaurant allegedly offered the couple 20,000 yuan, which is $3,000 U.S. dollars, for them to have an abortion if they were concerned for the child's health.

The eatery in Weifang city offered $729 in compensation - but the woman's hubby refused, saying he wants his wife to get a full body check-up first.

Users of Chinese social media site Weibo reacted to the photos and video with disgust, with one person writing: "I feel like vomiting".

Ma said he and his wife went to the hospital where she had a checkup to ensure the baby was healthy.

Xiabu Xiabu Catering Management, the chain's parent company plummeted in value after the incident.

According to a report from Chinese outlet Kanka News, the market value of Xiabu Xiabu has been on a downward trend since August.

In a statement released to South China Morning Post Saturday night, Xiabu Xiabu said it had always placed great emphasis on food security and would make any necessary improvements.

The chain, which is known for its "hot pot" - a dish which involves diners cooking their own vegetables and other ingredients in a large bowl of simmering broth - took a hit after the footage emerged last week. In a statement published on Sunday on the Chinese messaging platform WeChat, the bureau said that while it found no traces of rats, the restaurant had committed violations related to stagnant water and buying food from unlicensed suppliers.