VW to stop making the iconic Beetle in 2019

VW to stop making the iconic Beetle in 2019

Volkswagen confirmed on Thursday that it's sending the iconic Beetle to the proverbial scrap yard in 2019 - almost seven decades after it first hit first American highways and byways.

The original Beetle, billed as "The People's Car" because of its value price and sold in the USA from 1950 to 1979, was created by Ferdinand Porsche and sparked a raft of imitators.

Volkswagen has announced it would end production of its iconic "Beetle" cars in 2019, after adding a pair of final editions of the insect-inspired vehicles.

The venerable Volkswagen Beetle has become the latest casualty in America's newfound love affair with crossovers and other light trucks.

Dubbed the "People's auto", the original Beetle was designed by Adolf Hitler and Ferdinand Porsche to be cheap and simple, and continued production right through to 2003.

The design would find global fame in the 1960s and '70s in films featuring Herbie the Love Bug, a racing vehicle with a mind of its own.

In a statement announcing the end of the Beetle, Hinrich Woebcken, head of Volkswagen of America, said that as the company ramps up its electrification strategy, there are no plans to replace the Beetle.

The interior also had some changes compared to the regular model along with special badges.

Volkswagen sold 11,151 total Beetles through the first eight months of 2018, down 2.2 per cent from the same period a year earlier.

The company revamped it for the 2012 model year in an effort to make it appeal to men.

Volkswagen revived the model in 1998, introducing a redesigned modern "New Beetle" which mainly attracted female buyers.

Frank Welsch, Volkswagen R&D boss, past year told Autocar you can't have a "new, new, new Beetle" and, instead, "two or three generations is enough now".

The special editions, which come in coupe and convertible body styles, get unique beige and blue colors in addition to the normal hues.

When asked if the Beetle will ever be resurrected, Woebcken said, "Never say never".

In a VIN deciphering document noticed by Autoguide, Volkswagen confirmed the 2019 Beetle will offered in four different trim levels.