Why FEMA watches the Waffle House menu during hurricanes

Why FEMA watches the Waffle House menu during hurricanes

If the restaurant is entirely closed, the rarest of scenarios, the index is red. You have not any longer came upon the deplorable stuff but."Waffle Condo spokesman Pat Warner talked about Fugate came up with the check for the length of the 2004 typhoon season in Florida".

As Hurricane Florence nears, FEMA will be keeping a close eye on the Waffle House - the fast-food restaurant chain known for staying open 24 hours a day every day of the year.

It's a real thing - and the Federal Emergency Management Agency uses it.

For their part, Waffle House is glad that they can serve as a barometer of the severity of the storm for the community.

FEMA even uses restaurant sales bumps as an indicator in monitoring severe weather, more specifically through the Waffle House Storm Center.

This doesn't just show FEMA how quickly a business might rebound, it also shows it how the larger community is doing.

A Waffle House on state highway 421 says they would be open through Hurricane Florence in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Waffle House holds the FEMA test as a point of pride. If it's yellow, that means the menu is limited to specific items. He referenced EHS Today, a magazine for the environment that wrote about how big companies such as Waffle House and Home Depot prepare meticulously for disasters. A customer-service assistant said that the company had not yet confirmed whether stores will close.

"The sooner restaurants, grocery and corner stores, or banks can re-open, the sooner local economies will start generating revenue again - signalling a stronger recovery for that community,"FEMA said in a blog post in 2011. Plan ahead and be safe", they tweeted". In Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, an employee of a still-operating Waffle House told a reporter that during 2016's Hurricane Matthew, the location closed only after the ceiling tiles began to fall. From Titusville to Fort Pierce, Florida, every Waffle House was closed as operations became too hard to continue. "Within the occasion that they're green, we're correct, defend going".

For those in directly affected areas, be it first responders or residents who didn't evacuate, the turned on lights and running kitchen stoves of Waffle House often represent a sense of calmness and relief during the most stressful of times.